Facility_Management_awardBENE-FIT received the 2009 Air Force 5 Star Fitness Award. The 5 Star Fitness Award was awarded by Air Force Headquarters to Bases that best exemplified excellence in the management and operation of fitness facilities. The Air Force discontinued the award after 2009. BENE-FIT currently operates and manages three fitness centers and the Health and Wellness Center at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS.

BENE-FIT will administer, manage, equip, staff, and program entire fitness and recreation facilities. BENE-FIT offers contractual facility management services for:

  • Government owned Department of Defense fitness and recreation facilities.
  • Municipal, county and state government owned fitness and recreation facilities.
  • Hotel spas and fitness centers.
  • Country club health and fitness facilities.
  • Corporate fitness, recreation and wellness facilities.


There is no set fee schedule for this service. Fee will vary in accordance with the scope of the project, length of the contract, and assistance that the agency may be able to provide to the project.

BENE-FIT offers prospective clients a free phone consultation to discuss an overview of your fitness and recreation project needs.
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