Here are some Testimonials and Reviews

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I recommend Bill Jinske for fitness/recreation consulting based on our association in the planning and design of the 10.1 Swinney Recreation Center at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. As the Senior Project Architect for the Center, I found working with Bill Jinske educational, rewarding, and fun. Here are some specific examples of where Bill applied his talents:

  • His attention to detail during design was instrumental in saving the university many thousands of dollars in construction and operating costs.
  • His insight in recommending inclusion of 50,000 square feet of extra expansion space into the building program proved extremely cost-effective, as only after five years of opening the Center the space was needed for developing a 25,000 square foot cardio/circuit fitness area.
  • Bill is objective and very knowledgeable about user activity preferences, behavioral patterns, and equipment characteristics. This helped us design a flexible building that has held up extremely well, while attracting heavy use and exceeding membership projections.

I recommend Bill as highly capable for independent consulting on facility planning and design, and in fact, I hope we can collaborate on another project soon.

Bill CrocketAIA, Ellerbe Becket San Francisco, California

I strongly recommend Mr. Bill Jinske as a fitness and recreation consultant. Bill served our city as Recreation Director from 1974-79, during which time I was on the City Council. Since one of my main concerns was the development of a superior recreational and athletic climate for our community, I was very aware of Mr. Jinske’s leadership.

Mr. Jinske was heavily involved in the development of our Joint City/School Recreation complex, which was built in the late 70’s. He was invaluable not only to the planning of the actual facility itself, but also to overcoming and preventing the political problems which inevitably arise with this type of project.

As one of the six members of the building committee, he gave meticulous attention to the safety and liability aspects of our 5 million dollar facility, as well as to its function. Mr. Jinske possessed the professional ability to work well with and relate to other professionals, such as the architect, superintendent of schools, project manager, etc.

An example of how Bill’s specialized professional and practical knowledge of specific areas within the facility were critical to its success would be the swimming pool. The pool was to be used by the school district during school hours for both recreational and competitive swim use, and by the city for public use after school hours. The pool was also to be used to accommodate all swim populations; infants, children, adults, and the physically challenged. Due to Mr. Jinske’s influence and guidance, we now have a pool that can accommodate all of these populations. His professional expertise in the aquatics area, as well as other specific areas and equipment needs proved to an invaluable resource in making our community fitness and recreation facility a state of the art facility.

Bruce TrimbleD.D.S. and former City Councilperson Menomonie, Wisconsin

As the Director of the Overland Park Community Center, I experienced a noticeable decline in our aerobics program participation and revenue during the mid 90’s.

I hired Bill Jinske, CEO of BENE-FIT, as a consultant/contractor to turn the program around. Two months later, our revenue was heading upward. Ten months later, with the completion of the one year agreement, Mr. Jinske had our total revenue soaring in the aerobics program. It had increased by 69% over the previous year.

I found Bill Jinske to be innovative and very knowledgeable in revenue enhancement techniques, marketing strategy, and program organization. I recommend him highly for any consulting or contracting needs you have within your organization.

Carl D. CromerRecreation Supervisor City of Overland Park, Kansas Parks and Recreation Department

Bill Jinske has been my primary mentor in the fitness and recreation profession. He has not only taught me so much about the administrative aspects of the business, but he has also been very instrumental in me securing two positions in the profession.

His knowledge of the industry and abundance of networking resources has proven to be invaluable to me. I have called on Bill several times for consulting needs, and he has always been able to fulfill the jobs meticulously and thoroughly.

I have no hesitation or reservation in recommending Bill Jinske and BENE-FIT for any consulting or contracting need you may have. BENE-FIT has saved me time, money and stress in solving many administrative challenges I was confronted with. Also, I believe Bill’s knowledge in programming and facility operations puts him head and shoulders above any other consultants in the industry.

Esther ToombsDirector of Hallmark Employee Fitness Kansas City, Missouri

I am confident in Bill Jinske, CEO of BENE-FIT, for all of my consulting needs in the areas of youth health, recreation, and fitness programming. His many years of proven success as a professional in the field help him to be head and shoulders above anyone else I can think of. He has an amazing knack for and knowledge of what quality results in programming should look like. Bill’s winning ways and philosophies are a sure asset to organizations and professionals in this field.

Dave SmithExecutive Director Boy‘s and Girl’s Club of Greater Kansas City Kansas City, Missouri