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The BENE-FIT team is experienced in leading strategic and master planning projects. This includes both short and long range planning. The BENE-FIT team has the necessary skills for writing strategic and master plans that can assist fitness and recreation departments from having to experience:

  • Financial difficulty to meet operational needs.
  • Inadequate fitness and recreation programming space.
  • Inadequate staffing.
  • Useless and antiquated fitness equipment.
  • Participation decline in fitness and recreation programs.
  • Membership decline in revenue-driven fitness and recreation facilities.
  • Outdated fitness and recreation amenities and services.
  • Fitness and recreation facilities that don’t meet ADA guidelines, city and state codes, or user needs.

Progressive fitness and recreation professionals today are keenly aware of the NEED to implement an effective strategic and master plan into their operation. They realize that in the highly competitive business of fitness and recreation it can be the determining factor for remaining in business, or having to close down operation.


There is no set fee schedule for conducting strategic and master plans. Fee will vary in accordance with the overall scope of the strategic and master plan project, length of the contract and specific services required.

BENE-FIT offers prospective clients a free phone consultation to discuss an overview of your fitness and recreation project needs.
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