Gym Facility Designers and DevelopmentBENE-FIT will serve as an owner’s representative for agencies in the process of building a new fitness and recreation facility or renovating an existing facility.

As an Owner’s Representative, the BENE-FIT team will:

  • Serve as the Project Manager.
  • If necessary, assist with land acquisition.
  • If necessary, assist in determining the fitness and recreation facility location.
  • Write or assist in writing the Request for Proposal for the facility.
  • Assist in the interviewing and selection of the architect for designing the facility.
  • Assist the architect with the design of the fitness and recreation facility to insure proper functionality.
  • Attend regularly scheduled facility meetings with the owner and the governing board.
  • Assist with the interviewing and selection of the facility contractor.
  • Recommend cardiovascular and strength fitness equipment purchases.
  • Recommend needs related to fitness and recreation facility budget, staffing, programs, amenities and services, and user fees.
  • Provide continuous professional support and assistance in all aspects of business development and operations throughout the duration of the project.
  • Direct, guide and advise the client from start to finish to insure that all elements of the project have been addressed. BENE-FIT’S ultimate goal is to produce a successful “turnkey” fitness and recreation facility to its client.

Costs for serving as an owner’s representative for fitness and recreation facility design and construction throughout the entire project typically range between 10%-15% of the total construction cost.

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