Fitness and Recreation Consulting Group

BENE-FIT is a full service fitness and recreation consulting group specializing in facility design, programs, services and equipment; facility management and operation; feasibility studies; strategic and master planning; and sports injury litigation. BENE-FIT is dedicated to saving its clients time, money and stress!

Facility Management
Comprehensive management and administration of fitness and recreation facilities, programs and services.

Sports Injury Litigation
Expert witness for youth or adults injured while participating in a sports, fitness or recreation program.

Design and Representation
Owners Representative for fitness and recreation facility design and construction, programs, services, staffing and equipment.

Comprehensive Facility Feasibility Studies
Comprehensive study and concept development for assisting owners or agencies determine needs and direction related to proposed, existing or new facilities.

Strategic and Master Planning
Comprehensive study to assist public or private fitness and recreation agencies plan for the future to achieve established goals.

Business Development, Operations and Program Consulting
High level administrative assessment and evaluation of specific problems related to fitness and recreation management and operations.

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